Monday, 23 June 2008


So June pretty much blended in with May. The little guy is a really good sleeper, so I am quite normal emotionally. We got back to normal, just with an extra little person to play with. Luca is loving every minute of being a big brother, he can't get enough of Remi as you can see.

Quilts always come in handy when you have to build an "emergency cubby" (Luca's words). They block out the light just enough so you can still read stories inside. We have been doing quite a lot of that lately, the library has come in very handy.

While we build, and re-build, cubbies, the little one sleeps. Doesn't he look peaceful.
Most of the time he goes from this...
... to this pretty fast.
The two of them are just so cute! Remi likes to be wrapped up like a cannolli.
He just has the most gorgeous dimples.
We like to play bubbles on our front balcony as well, they float around for ages. Yes they are his PJ's.

OK, this little bear jacket is so cute. It was a gift from my cousin and Remi only got to wear it once. He wasn't too happy at the time, the sun was to glary. We were at Archie's birthday party out in the cold.
Some more love...

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