Friday, 23 May 2008


We had an amazing start to the month of May. Our new little guy, Remi, came into the world slowly but surely. We were in hospital for 14 hours before I had him, and were out 2 days later. We were given some really beautiful flowers and gifts, some of which are below. The roses smelled just beautiful! The hospital we were in really does have the best view ever, that's why I went back there for No. 2 baby after No. 1. It is just really quiet, and close to home which was a plus for that driving challenged husband of mine.

Everything was hunky dory with both Remi and I, and we decided that we would be more comfortable at home with a midwife visiting once a day for a few days. We were all hit with a bit of a shock at how a new little one changes everything instantly, but I think we dealt with the change pretty well. I pretty much slept when he did for a few days and Nick spent all his time off keeping Luca occupied. They had so much fun together.
So alot of time was spent outdoors for Luca and Daddy. They like to explore together.

Our first outing to the park was with a few friends (Jess, her Mummy, and little sister), and little Remi slept the whole 2 hours. Good boy!

Too much fun.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Happy Birthday Jodie and New Baby Eva

Congratulations to my lovely friend of about 23 years, Jodie, who celebrates her birthday today, 17 days after giving birth to beautiful baby Eva. I have only seen photos of Eva, but plan on a visit sometime soon.
Best Wishes and Lots of Love My Dear Friend.