Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mother's Group

We had some of the troop here today for Mother's Group. They all sat down for a little bite to eat in between demolishing the place. It is always a ton of fun to have everyone here, they just love playing together and are all such sweet kids. There are still 8 of us Mother's, out of the original 10, who still see each other on a regular basis. There are 5 of us that see each other at least once a week, and I just couldn't do without my weekly chat. It is harder to catch up with everyone this year though, all the kids go to pre-school for two days a week, and half the Mum's have gone back to work. We try to have a dinner together regularly without the kids, but not often enough.

Anyway, they are a fantastic group of ladies, and I can see us still catching up with each other many years from now.

Good night, Mon xo

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