Sunday, 16 March 2008

A little fall...

This morning the birds were chirping, the sun was shining and it looked like a lovely day. Having a lot of back pain, and an awful cold, I decided that Luca and I would play around home today. Nick has had to work all weekend, so he has only been home for an hour or so on this lovely Sunday afternoon. It was time for me to have a break from the LEGO playing and the brownie making with Luca, and get a little bit of me time.

Things were going really well for a while, then they both came downstairs, where I was, to go outside and explore to see how many insects they could find. About 15 minutes into it, there was an almighty screech scream from Luca. He has fallen flat on his face and has a gusher of a bleeding nose along with grazes down his face. They were both standing side by side on a deck chair and were looking at a massive spider on its web. Luca lost his balance, and because he was holding a toy in each hand, didn't put his hands out to break his fall. Poor little guy, he had already told me he wasn't feeling well today because he has caught my cold, now to top it off, he has a bloody clogged nose and grazes down his face. I am sure he will get over it pretty quick, but he looks awful right now. Hope you feel better soon little guy.


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