Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter is so much fun!

We always have so much fun at "our" (my sister's) country home. My sister and her family always make us so welcome. We had an Easter egg hunt with the kids (I got so caught up in it I forgot to take pics), and Luca played non-stop with Archie and his toys. We rarely see Luca while we are there, he hides in Archies bedroom with all the toys, or they are outside playing the whole time.

I sat on my behind almost the whole time, I needed to relax, and I did. I talked sewing and quilting with Leanne, and she showed me my beautiful Lotus Brick Quilt that she has recently finished quilting on her big quilting machine for me. She thought I might like to do the binding, but I convinced her to do it for me. Hopefully I will have it by the time the baby is born in May. Oooohhh, to snuggle under it will be SOOOO lovely. It is starting to get cold already, the Ugg's are almost ready to show themselves.

Anyway, we ate lots of chocolate, and Luca didn't even make himself sick which I am surprised about. We have SO much left over in the cupboard, ready for a few weeks of chocky overload. Pace yourself!

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