Thursday, 28 February 2008

Plastic Playroom

Sometimes I look at all the toys that Luca has and wonder why there is SO much plastic. I think we are drawn to the bright colours, I guess they look fun. I much prefer hand made and wooden toys, they feel like they have much more personal value. Sometimes we don't have a choice though, we already had our chance in childhood to have the few things we liked, and now it's his turn to enjoy the "toys of the day". Sadly, he loves colourful plastic. Once the kids are done with the toys, and have grown out of them, we will probably donate the unbroken ones to charity, or hand them on to family and friends who want them.

So here is the playroom, all neat and tidy, one second before it got demolished by Luca. My studio is in the same room but isn't photo worthy just yet. I am still organising and making things pretty.

Only 8 weeks to go until the new arrival so I have been busy washing all of Luca's hand me down newborn clothes and things in anticipation. I am anxious to find out who has been jumping around constantly inside my belly. Luca is just in love with him/her talks to him/her all the time. He always makes me pretend to talk back to him in a little squeeky baby voice. He thinks the whole thing is just wonderful. There are a few family members hoping for the elusive girl, my sister has already named "her" Zara, and plans on calling it Zara no matter what. Sorry Leanne, Zara's not on our list.

Time for a quick nap, feeling a little tired from having to get up 4 times a night to go pee.

Happy Days, Mon xo.

Who Knew?

Who knew I actually had a fabric stash. Not me... it has been packed neatly away in bags since I bought each of them, all with good intentions to maybe sew a few things. I tend to buy the fat quarter pack of designers fabrics because then I get a little piece of lovliness of each fabric they create. I have a folder full of patterns of different things to make but don't like that first cut into the fabric. It's not that I am scared, it's just that they are such lovely colours and designs and it's a shame to cut them. They look so yummy all folded and neatly stacked. My sister would be SO proud.
Mon. xo

Monday, 25 February 2008

Ginger Blossom

Ooh yummy! Look what I got today, the first 9 fabrics. My sister and I ordered a half yard of all 19 fabrics from the Ginger Blossom range by Sandi Henderson, delivered promptly from Fat Quarter Shop. I have to admit, I am a LONG time lurker of Sandi's blog, Portobellopixie . It's like looking at a lolly shop everyday, wondering what new deliciousness she is going to come up with next. The fabric is even more beautiful in real life. Once we receive all of the fabric, I think this will be my very next project, it is all just so lovely.
Mmm yummy! Mon. xo

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Creature Comforts

After a successful trip to IKEA a few weeks ago, I have now managed to get everything under control in my studio and the play room. It is a complicated adventure trying to fit in a kazillion and one toys along side tons of blank and unfinished canvases (as well as all the little odds and ends that go along with an art studio). I bought a few bookcases, and couldn't pass up a few fabric bargains either. The fabric is purely IKEA, bright colours and patterns, perfect for Luca's playroom. I covered a pin board with one of the fabrics last week, just to brighten things up a bit.

It is very white down there in the studio/play room. Just to make it a bit more sterile, I am about to go and put up white cheesclothy like curtains. I need the brightness without feeling like I am in a fish bowl. Then, over time I will start to add some colour (although, the super bright toys add some crazy colour to the room).

I know sharing a space with kids does not make it my own, but he plays fine if I am in the same room as him. If not, he gets up to too much mischief which I have to spend hours cleaning and tidying later.

I bought the fabric below to cover my inspiration board, but am finding it too nice to use just for that. It is quite thick and would probably look really good made up as slip covers for a boring chair that I have in my living room. Now I just have to find the time to sew.

Happy Day. Mon xo

Friday, 8 February 2008

A Gray Sky Day

It's not that I have been too busy to be on the computer or even write a post or two, it's just too much fun looking and lurking on other blogs. I am a sticky beak, I love to see what everyone else is up to. The things people come up with are truly amazing. I have to say that since my last post 17 days ago I have been on the computer every day looking for new ideas and inspiration.

I did a small name painting last week for baby Noah and it was well received with lots of smiles (from Noah's mum). I enjoyed the few hours of painting it took to do it, but I wasn't rushing on to the next canvas at all.

I think about painting every day, and doing some more quilting (what has my sister done to me). I even bought some new fabrics this week from Fat Quarter Shop.

I just got two fat quarter packs, Katie Jump Rope (by Denyse Schmidt (above)) blue's and green's, as well as Two Young Street fabrics by Prints Charming.

Prints Charming are Australian, yet it is WAY cheaper for me to buy their fabrics from the U.S, even with shipping costs, rather than from here, which is unfortunate. I plan on making quilts out of both of the packs, and whatever is left over, who knows. My sewing skills are not that great if it involves anything other than a straight line - but I'm working on it.

The studio is finally coming together. I just need some curtains to keep out the prying neighbours eyes. I have all the things I need to put the curtains up, I just don't know if I feel safe getting up on a ladder with a 28 week pregnant belly, I may be a little front heavy. I guess I had better ask for help with that one.

I have been a little frustrated with uploading photos to my blog too. The pics are downloaded from my camera onto my Mac which doesn't have an internet connection yet (the hubby is working on it - for 2 months now), so getting them onto my blog has been a little problem so far. Hopefully it will be resolved this weekend when he has some time to do it and I will go back and insert the pics where they belong.

Anyway, back to the daily grind now. I have washing to put away and dinner to make. The rain just won't go away either. Oh the joy!

xo Mon