Friday, 18 January 2008

Rain rain go away...

Today is one of those days where I am really enjoying the rain being here, but don't want it to stay for long. It kind of depresses me and makes me want to sleep all afternoon.

We spent the morning at an indoor play centre, wrestling with a thousand other kids and their mummies and the incredible noise. I think I forgot I told myself I wasn't going to them any more. Hopefully this time though, no vomiting virus or flu or even cold came home with us. The little guy ALWAYS gets sick after going to one of those places.

I wanted to spend this weekend in the garden, making it pretty and pulling out all the weeds, somehow I don't think it is going to happen though. This rain looks like it has set in for the weekend. I have a ton of washing piling up as well which isn't pleasant when I don't have a clothes dryer anymore. I was happy being energy efficient while the sun was out and I could hang the clothes on the washing line to dry. We may have to bite the bullet and buy a dryer because we will need it in winter.

With this indoor weather I have been getting a bit more organised inside. My studio area is coming along slowly. I need to buy a tall bookshelf and a cupboard that I can lock with a child lock so Mr Nifty Fingers can't get at all my paints and fabrics. There is just enough space, although there isn't enough high up or closed storage yet. I am kind of putting things wherever they fit, I am just happy to get everything out of their moving boxes.

I am happy to have unpacked, my inspiration is coming back slowly. I know I still have a ton of painting ahead of me just to finish off the half done ones, I just have to get over the first hurdle of actually getting set up to paint, and start painting.

Ok rain, you can go away now, my garden has been watered...

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