Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Mmmm... pudding...

It is the thing that I look forward to the most, the rich fruity flavour of our Christmas pudding. I savoured every minute of it, both helpings of it! With fresh whipped cream of course, I am a classic girl at heart. It's they way I have ALWAYS had it, just like my mum!

Christmas was lovely, and went WAY too fast. We enjoyed a lot of the family staying over for a few days, it was really lovely to catch up with everyone, it was just the same as usual even if we hadn't seen each other since Christmas last year. My little brother and I cooked most of the food for Christmas lunch and consisted of all the yummy usual stuff - roast lamb, pork (with couscous stuffing), chicken, turkey breast and ham. Veggies were all baked in the oven or on the BBQ and were potato, butternut pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot, as well as some steamed peas and corn. Add the gravy, cranberry and apple sauces and it went down a treat. It was all timed perfectly and all came out of the oven and BBQ at the same time. Afterward it was plum pudding with either cream, ice cream or custard (or all three if you really wanted).

The first Christmas for the little one was lovely too. All the kids waiting to open their presents was the painful part, especially my big boy. With his head inside the Santa sack "I am just looking, I aren't touching it mummy, I promise" said he. Him waking at 5.30am and having to wait until 8am for his cousins to get here... I don't think so! They made it till 7am and it all began, a sea of boys toys. 7 boys to be exact - no girls on Christmas day. Much love to Annalee and Holly wherever you are on Christmas Day.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas to you.

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope yours is as good as ours will be.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Here are the first two teeth for little Remi, they are like needles when he bites. Ouch! He is growing too fast!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A weekend getaway.

We went on a little road trip together this last weekend, from Sydney to Wollongong via the Coast Road and over the Sea Cliff Bridge. This pic is from above Stanwell Tops and was so windy, hence the stance. He felt like he was going to fly away.

We walked over and back across the bridge (and got sunburnt), it was a lovely day for a stroll. We stayed in a beach hotel and were awake all night with a teething Remi - awful indeed. But it was nice to get away, and the breakfast the next morning in a Cafe more than made up for the lack of sleep. Poached eggs with smoked salmon and sauteed spinach and toast, and a decaf latte - mm mmm!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mona Vale SLSC Golf Day Commission

SOLD Mona Vale Beach (Diptych)
Acrylic on Canvas
December 2008

This is one of the works I did as a commission for Mona Vale SLSC Golf Day. They had an auction on quite a few artworks, mine sold for above my asking price - pretty good in this economy I thought. Thank you to who ever it was that bought it. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

A Gingerbread House

Yummy... look what we made today. We are going to save it until Christmas and then gobble it all up!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Here I am!

You probably thought I had fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, I have been so incredibly busy. I had to sacrifice a few things (including blogging) to be able to spend more time painting and sewing, as well as spending a lot of quality time with my boys. They are growing so fast that I almost can't keep up.

I have so many things in the making and more will be revealed over the next month or so. I crazily volunteered to have our family Christmas this year (I'm scared), which can range from about 15-25 people from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. I thought it would be a good idea having our 7 month old be able to have a fairly relaxed Christmas and not travelling too much. I wouldn't be able to handle a few hours in traffic travelling north on Christmas Day, he is a VERY LOUD little thing.

I have had a few painting commissions over the last month or so, so that has also kept me very busy. An idea that I had a few months ago has started to take off and I am planning to run with it, I just have to get more stock together to be able to let it loose, as I said, more will be revealed soon enough.

I am sorry I don't have any pics for this post, I will give things away if I put any pics in. Pics of my commissioned works will be posted on flickr this week for you to see though.

Keep well until next time.

Roll up, roll up!

A Saturday at the circus for Luca, Daddy and Uncle Ben, Remi and I stayed home - he was a sick little guy. Maybe next time.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The silly season...

Taking a quick break from running around like crazy, he is SO excited that Christmas is on it's way. Little does he know that it is still a whole month away. I thought I would try to be a little more organised this year and put the tree up nice and early. Lets see how that goes shall we.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sculpture By The Sea

Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower
Bondi Icebergs
Beautiful and sunny, interesting and fun, healthy and tiring. That about sums it up. We walked from Bondi to Tamarama on the coastal walk today, the annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition is in full swing and I think every person went to see it today. We couldn't have picked a better day though, it was so beautiful and warm after such a cold and miserable week. I even got a little sunburnt by accident.

I think we walked about 3 or 4km. Luca thought it was fantastic and was making a few people laugh along the way calling out "wow" and "look mummy and daddy, that is so cool". He was finding small sculptures in the bushes and was completely exhausted by the end, he walked the whole way. We shouldn't have taken Remi in the stroller, we should have carried him in the baby pouch or baby backpack, there were quite a few stairs -he was very comfortable in the stroller though. Mid-way we stopped in the park area on top of the headland and had a bite to eat and a drink. The park had about 30 sculptures scattered around it which Luca really wanted to climb on. Only a few of the sculptures were allowed to be climbed on, the rest weren't.

By the end, we were so tired that we caught a bus back to Bondi and got some lunch in the late afternoon. We had a quick play in the park and home we came. I will mark it in my calendar again for next year, it was the best sculpture exhibition I have ever seen. There was not one piece that I disliked.

It is strange how it feels like another world over on the East side of the City. I live in my little bubble here on the Northern Beaches, only venturing afar on the odd occasion, and I think that makes these outings feel like I am on holidays in some foreign country. It makes me want to travel again(I think it has been way too long since we went o/s).

I'm off to bed now to dream of faraway places- I am wiped out.

::BEWARE:: There are a ton of photos below.