Thursday, 6 December 2007

ONE sleep to go!

Only ONE sleep to go until it's ours!!!

Everything is close to being fully packed and we get the keys to our new house tomorrow sometime. It is all very exciting. I am quite nervous for some reason, maybe just hoping everything goes smoothly both for the settlement and for the move on Saturday.

The crazy daily tropical thunderstorms are driving me a bit mad, although, it gives me an excuse for not feeling guilty about spending a lot of time outside with the little guy. At least I am getting all the packing done. I packed Luca's room up today, and after he got back from his 3 hour outing with Gramps, he saw his room and was very sad... he even cried. Poor little thing.

The last 3 weeks have been a blur. Spending time at the beach, packing, Luca's Kindy Christmas Concert (which I will post some video of later) and just paperwork have kept me SO incredibly busy. Throw in a VERY outgoing 3 year old and there is no rest for the weary. My pregnancy is going fine. Had an ultrasound last Tuesday and have to go back next Tuesday because the baby was in a weird position to get all of the measurements that they needed. They got everything but the heart measurements. We aren't finding out the gender of the baby this time (we did with Luca), I think we need a surprise.

We spent last weekend pretty much at the beach (when it wasn't raining) and here is a pic of Luca on his friends surfboard (in the sea pool).

I am not sure when our internet is being connected at the new place, so until then, stay safe and keep smiling.

Happy Day, Mon. xo

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