Monday, 5 November 2007

Packing the Boxes

It is the worst fun in the world! I really don't like packing to move. I am SO excited that we are moving to our new house, but the packing part of it is such a pain in the a*s. I feel like we have packed so much, but Noooo, we haven't even made a dent! The one good thing is that I am finding lots of goodies that have been put away since Luca was born, and he became "the demolisher". Hopefully I can get a lot of them back out when we move into our new place, or maybe not with a new little one on the way. I guess I will just have to pack them up again when 'it' gets to the reaching/pulling/smashing stage. OK, so what's a few more years in hiding for most of it.

I wish I had something nice and fun to write about, but the weather has been gloomy, and cold (what is with that, isn't it Summer next month??) We have only been swimming at the beach once in the last month. Hopefully it gets warmer soon. One nice thing is that a few whales have been passing by lately. I always manage to catch a glimpse of them when they come up for their last breath before they go under for a while. They are such beautiful animals. I love being able to see them from here. Our new house has the same view, so hopefully we will be able to see them from there as well.

This photo is pretty much zoomed in as far as my camera can zoom. They were out about 2km, so I couldn't see them too well. It was a mother and her calf frolicking in the sea. It is lovely to watch no matter how far away they are.

Have a lovely day,
Mon xo.

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