Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Creative Wednesday

After starting off the day on the phone for at least 3 hours this morning (organising moving things, oh, and chatting to friends), I felt a little guilty neglecting the little guy. So after all that was done, we decided to become a little creative. We had nothing in mind of what we were going to do, but he really likes to get into the pencil/paint/creative box and have a go at just about everything in it. Scissors are the favourite and gluing comes a close second.

I have no idea why, he just loves to stamp on himself and giggle for a few minutes. It does look pretty funny though.

So this is the extent of my creativity for a while until I set up my studio in our new house in a few weeks. I am itching to get some painting done, all the unfinished canvases are calling to me as they are packed up nice and tight. I packed ALL of my fabrics, paints and everything that goes with them last weekend and I was very sad to tape the box up. We have so many boxes around at the moment that there is no spare space to get even a little creative with big girl painting.

So here is the end product of our hour of being arty. The first one is fire - c'mon, can't you tell?

The second is of course, me smiling.

And the third is just Christmas. It started off as a Christmas list of all the things he would like, then the glue went astray and we ended up with a little collage. Delightful... I like a boy who can improvise.

After all that, we went swimming in our pool (a small plastic thing that fits quite perfectly on our balcony with 6 inches of water in it - it does the job for a 3 year old). The weather is finally nice EVERY day and I can't wait to move to our new place, and be settled in, and enjoy the summer - even with my swollen pregnant ankles.

I hope your day was as fun as ours. Mon xo

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michelle giacobello said...

Looks like lots of fun. Hope the cleanup wasn't too terrible ;)