Saturday, 17 November 2007

Avalon Village Market Day

After a full Saturday morning of serious packing, we decided to drive to Avalon (15 mins north) to the Market Day they were having. There were street stalls, live music, an Art Show, and a fun carnival like atmosphere. Nick's brother had a table set up for the Coastal Environment Centre where he works, so we wanted to see him in action. Most of the stalls were clothing, jewellery and food. There was tons to look at if you were in a shopping mood, but the weather was scorching, so I just did a quick lap, once around all the stalls and bought nothing.

The carnival area was where Luca wanted to stay, so we splurged on a few rides for him, let him win a water pistol on the clowns, and eat some fairy floss (cotton candy). He was in a bit of a daze while riding the elephants, but I think he had fun.

The following pics are of the beach at Avalon. It is pretty much like all of the beaches around here - stunning and beautiful! Unfortunately the beach was closed because of the rough surf, it was quite windy, so Nick and Luca walked over to the pool and had a look around.

We had a really lovely time and were once again pretty tired after being in the sun for hours.

I hope you had a lovely Saturday like we did.
Cheers, Mon xo.

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