Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Creative Wednesday

After starting off the day on the phone for at least 3 hours this morning (organising moving things, oh, and chatting to friends), I felt a little guilty neglecting the little guy. So after all that was done, we decided to become a little creative. We had nothing in mind of what we were going to do, but he really likes to get into the pencil/paint/creative box and have a go at just about everything in it. Scissors are the favourite and gluing comes a close second.

I have no idea why, he just loves to stamp on himself and giggle for a few minutes. It does look pretty funny though.

So this is the extent of my creativity for a while until I set up my studio in our new house in a few weeks. I am itching to get some painting done, all the unfinished canvases are calling to me as they are packed up nice and tight. I packed ALL of my fabrics, paints and everything that goes with them last weekend and I was very sad to tape the box up. We have so many boxes around at the moment that there is no spare space to get even a little creative with big girl painting.

So here is the end product of our hour of being arty. The first one is fire - c'mon, can't you tell?

The second is of course, me smiling.

And the third is just Christmas. It started off as a Christmas list of all the things he would like, then the glue went astray and we ended up with a little collage. Delightful... I like a boy who can improvise.

After all that, we went swimming in our pool (a small plastic thing that fits quite perfectly on our balcony with 6 inches of water in it - it does the job for a 3 year old). The weather is finally nice EVERY day and I can't wait to move to our new place, and be settled in, and enjoy the summer - even with my swollen pregnant ankles.

I hope your day was as fun as ours. Mon xo

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Avalon Village Market Day

After a full Saturday morning of serious packing, we decided to drive to Avalon (15 mins north) to the Market Day they were having. There were street stalls, live music, an Art Show, and a fun carnival like atmosphere. Nick's brother had a table set up for the Coastal Environment Centre where he works, so we wanted to see him in action. Most of the stalls were clothing, jewellery and food. There was tons to look at if you were in a shopping mood, but the weather was scorching, so I just did a quick lap, once around all the stalls and bought nothing.

The carnival area was where Luca wanted to stay, so we splurged on a few rides for him, let him win a water pistol on the clowns, and eat some fairy floss (cotton candy). He was in a bit of a daze while riding the elephants, but I think he had fun.

The following pics are of the beach at Avalon. It is pretty much like all of the beaches around here - stunning and beautiful! Unfortunately the beach was closed because of the rough surf, it was quite windy, so Nick and Luca walked over to the pool and had a look around.

We had a really lovely time and were once again pretty tired after being in the sun for hours.

I hope you had a lovely Saturday like we did.
Cheers, Mon xo.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Who said packing wasn't fun???

We have been packing for a while this morning, and it is not the most fun thing, but when Luca starts doing cute things like this, it makes it a little more bearable. Only 4 weeks till we move - yay!
Still more packing to do before I call it quits for the day.
Mon xo

Monday, 12 November 2007

:: Happy Birthday Campbell and Brody ::

Yesterday was cousin Campbell (3) and cousin Brody's (1) birthdays. The weather was beautiful, we were expecting the worst after a full week of rain the week before. The kids had so much fun with toys, games and water pistols. They ranged in age from 1 to 14 years, and all played really well together. They had so much fun each having a turn at whacking the piñata to see who could smash it to bits. They all scurried around when it finally burst to see what was inside. Here is Luca having his turn before the big kids made it burst.

My cousin Elise is pretty handy in the kitchen, she made the cake below. I think it's pretty damn good - eat your heart out Martha Stewart.

A really good day was had by everyone, we were so exhausted that Luca was asleep by 7pm and we were not long after that.

Happy Monday to you. Mon xo

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Banana Bread MMM mm......

We decided that, because it was raining and we had too many bananas, we would make some yummy banana bread. Here is the end product after cutting a slice for Luca who wanted some so desperately the minute it finished cooking. It is super yummy and probably won't last more than 2 days.
Hope you are having something yummy too.
Mon xo

Monday, 5 November 2007

Packing the Boxes

It is the worst fun in the world! I really don't like packing to move. I am SO excited that we are moving to our new house, but the packing part of it is such a pain in the a*s. I feel like we have packed so much, but Noooo, we haven't even made a dent! The one good thing is that I am finding lots of goodies that have been put away since Luca was born, and he became "the demolisher". Hopefully I can get a lot of them back out when we move into our new place, or maybe not with a new little one on the way. I guess I will just have to pack them up again when 'it' gets to the reaching/pulling/smashing stage. OK, so what's a few more years in hiding for most of it.

I wish I had something nice and fun to write about, but the weather has been gloomy, and cold (what is with that, isn't it Summer next month??) We have only been swimming at the beach once in the last month. Hopefully it gets warmer soon. One nice thing is that a few whales have been passing by lately. I always manage to catch a glimpse of them when they come up for their last breath before they go under for a while. They are such beautiful animals. I love being able to see them from here. Our new house has the same view, so hopefully we will be able to see them from there as well.

This photo is pretty much zoomed in as far as my camera can zoom. They were out about 2km, so I couldn't see them too well. It was a mother and her calf frolicking in the sea. It is lovely to watch no matter how far away they are.

Have a lovely day,
Mon xo.