Saturday, 6 October 2007

A New House????? Maybe!

A few pics from around here...




Portuguese Man of War (Blue Bottle)

Pole and Chain near the pool

It seems that the last 2 weeks has been consumed with trying to buy a particular house. We found a property that we really like. We have been getting all the necessary inspections, filling in the appropriate paperwork and trying to secure the place before it is snatched away by someone else. Talk about a stressful time, my stomach has been turning in knots for 2 weeks straight, put together with this on going cough I have, and I am ready for a break/holiday. Too bad there are none on the horizon. I think that Christmas time will be the closest break coming up.

Summer is definitely upon us. We have had quite a few days in the 30's this week, one of them, we stayed inside with the aircon on. Too hot to go to the park, or anywhere else.

My creativity has been put on hold, although I do think about it EVERY day. I am starting to Spring clean, I think it is the thought of moving into a fully renovated place with nothing major to do that is making me want to start packing, as well as get rid of a lot of things that have accumulated in this apartment over the last 5 years. The new place has a massive garage, so the thought of a garage sale has crossed my mind a few times lately as well.

I must get back to it while Little L has gone to the park with N. I guess the break will come eventually.

This is a really great video on You Tube if you want to see. It is the "Day in the Life of a Mom Song" sung to the William Tell Overture. Hilarious!!

Happy Saturday... Mon xo

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