Thursday, 11 October 2007


Happy Birthday to my lovely husband Nicholas. He turned 40 years old today, I can't believe how much time flies. We went to dinner this evening at Stella Blu, it's always a favorite for us when we can't decide where to go. It is nice and close to home, and has really lovely food. I am absolutely hooked on Bruschetta at the moment, so we had that as a Starter. I haven't had it for such a long time, and they made it really delicious tonight, I just wanted to keep eating it.

For the Main I had Galletto Ripieno con Castagne e Mascarpone, Marsala e Fagioli Borlotti
(Pan roasted organic chicken with a chestnut & mascapone stuffing, wrapped
with pancetta finished with a marsala wine sauce & borlotti beans).

Nick had Rotolato di Vitello Ripieno con Salsicce, Pecorino e Basilico
(Roasted veal loin rolled & filled with Italian sausage meat,
Pecorino cheese, onions & basil served with crushed baby peas & shallots).

I would have taken photos, but I forgot. I think it was the bliss of not having a high maintenance child running around like a chook with it's head cut off. We just wanted to sit and relax. After dinner we had Creme Caramel for dessert and the lovely waiter came out singing "Happy Birthday" waving a sparkler in his hand. A couple of Hot Chocolates later and our night was complete. It was SO nice to go out and do something as an adult. Nick is ALWAYS going out for lunches and dinners with work, so he is a little bit spoilt and a bit of a food critic. Not me though, I enjoy every minute of a nice dinner out.

Sleep time now...
zzzzzz. Mon xo

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