Wednesday, 26 September 2007

I am still here...

Yes, we're alive!! It seems an unpredicted blog hiatus has snuck right up on me (anything over a week is a long time in blog land). There are a zillion and one excuses I could rattle off, but when we really get right down to it, I needed to focus on my sweet boy a little more. I'll find it, that balance of feeling like I'm a good wife/mum AND fulfilling my passions and creative energy. I know I will! I just have to fumble around a little more...trying things here and there....schedules, no schedules...clean house, messy house...late nights, early mornings. Maybe no sleep at all?!! Yes, I think that one might work!

Speaking of the sweet boy, he turned 3 a few weekends ago (9/9). All of our family came along, and we had a really yummy BBQ lunch and a super duper customized birthday cake. As I said before, he is really into cars, trucks, tractors etc, so I made him a construction cake.

In regards to my painting... I have been a little side tracked since our return from our holiday. I haven't felt like doing anything creative at all. I have looked at my small fabric stash a few times, trying to think of what to make, but haven't made anything. I still have quite a few canvases drawn up with no paint on them yet, maybe this week will be the week to start again. We will hopefully all be over our awful colds and back to normal again. The weather goes from hot to cold to hot to cold, so fast these days, no wonder everyone I know has had a cold lately.

We are still house hunting every weekend, we are on the lookout for the perfect place. We need more space and a yard for Luca to play in without having to go to the park every 5 seconds. Hopefully we will find it soon, I need more space to let the creative juices flow.

Until next time...
Mon xo

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