Sunday, 5 August 2007

A Winter Weekend in Paradise

The weekend we had was just beautiful, we did a lot of fun things. Saturday we spent house hunting which was slightly painful, but not too stressful. We found a few nice places, but none of them were great. We are still on the lookout for that elusive property.

Sunday we went for a really long walk up to Long Reef (that's where all the photos are from) and tried to spot some whales, but there were none. Little L had so much fun running and playing in the dirt.

The view from there is just superb. A house right on the end would do me fine, such a pity that there is a golf course taking up all the space.

It is such a nice place to walk to, the native plants and trees are just lovely. The pic below is a close up of some mosaic tiles painted by kids that they have incorporated into the sandstone pathways at the top of the hill.

We really do enjoy spending time outside on these lovely winter weekends, although, it makes the weekend go WAY too fast.

Hope yours was fun too. Mon.xo

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