Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Sewing Machine Conquered!

I transfered out of sewing elective in High School in the second week. It was all way to confusing for me, I hated the thought of cutting up the beautiful fabric. It was fine to me to keep it on the roll and just look at it, the pattern and the texture were more beautiful than anything I could ever make. I really didn't like the thought of cutting it up to make a skirt (our first assignment), mostly because I wasn't really into skirts, and secondly, the skirt pattern I had was way too daggy (ugly). Sewing with the machine was hugely daunting to me as well. The machine actually petrified me. The accelerator seemed like it would do a lot of damage, and with me behind the wheel, who knows what disasters would have eventuated if I had of stayed in that class.

I instead opted for Wheel Thrown Pottery as 2nd elective - Art was my 1st. Pottery was SO much fun, the teacher was awesome, and it was held in a large old weather board classroom, with a veranda out the front, down the back of all the other classrooms. It was far enough away for all the kilns to be fire safe. I have so many good memories of that class, I made some pretty cool things as well.

It seems like the sewing thing is working for me now though. I am enjoying creating things that are a lot different to what I would normally do. When we lived in New Jersey for a few years, I made all the roman blinds for our house, which turned out ok. I hadn't even thought about sewing until my sister pointed me in the direction of the Belle fabrics by Amy Butler. From then, I have had a little bit of a crush on fabric. I also really like the designs of Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, Prints Charming and Denyse Schmidt to name but a few.

I have now been able to conquer my first non-quilt pattern. We are going to Fiji in a couple of days for a nice getaway and I have made the Nappy Bag by Amy Butler, using a couple of the blue Lotus fabrics. I even lined it, used interfacing, and made pockets. It is a perfect tropical island beach bag - ready for our holiday.

I will catch you when we return!
Happy Days, Mon xo.

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