Tuesday, 7 August 2007

One Boy's Room

Little L is obsessed with transport of ANY kind. He seems to like construction vehicles, like cranes, cement trucks and bulldozers. We decided to do his room up a little, and add a few more elements. We already have these paintings that I did on the wall, which I finished the day I went into labour with him (almost 3 years ago - aaahhh!!!).

They were "inspired by" artist Simon Hart from the UK.

I found this really lovely appliqued quilt cover by Kas Kids, and put it on his bed. He just loves it, he pretends he is on the building site.

We have the big Pottery Barn Kids Transportation pillow that we got last year in L.A. (the quilt was too big to fit in our luggage). He got the STOP/SLOW sign from a guy at a building site about 2 blocks away from where we live, which now sits at the end of his bed. He likes to drag it around the house every now and then.

So, that's enough gushing about my beautiful boy and his cute new room. Time to do something constructive.
I hope the sun is shining on you too. Mon.xo

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michelle giacobello said...

I love, love LOVE the spaceship! What a lucky boy!

I did lovely pictures for my son - who has now taken them all down to be replaced by his own drawings - fine by me in every way.