Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My Dad's Birthday

::Me and My Dad::
It's my Dad's Birthday today, and I have been looking everywhere for a gift for him. I am tired of buying him clothes. He is really into biking, and both he and Mum are going to be travelling around Austria/Switzerland/Germany by bike this time next year. So I have been looking for days in bike shops to try and find him something, and have come away with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So he is getting a gift voucher to spend on himself. Boring I know, but he will be able to find himself something great for his trip.

While I was looking online for a gift for Dad, I found some stores that I have loved for years, but had forgotten about. I used to go and peek at them every so often, and buy a gift or two, they are great if you are looking for something different.
Remo General Store is SO fantastic to buy t-shirts and quirky gifts. I have bought from them since 2003. The other is Duck Soup Retro, which I found last year when we were in L.A. It has all types of wonderful authentic retro artifacts, I was in the shop for ages looking at everything, and had to be dragged out of there.

Happy shopping if you are shopping too!

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