Tuesday, 31 July 2007

It Used to be Tidy!!!!

I can't stand tidying up toys anymore!!! Yep, I am over it! Well, for this week anyway. I have never seen one child have so many toys. Our home used to look pretty good before all the toys came along.

These photos were taken in 2003, before Luca was born. We kinda had some sense of style... considering most of our furniture is STILL in storage 4 years after we moved back here from New York. (Oh NY, how I miss thee!)

Now there is a sea of primary colours absolutely EVERYWHERE. They get under your feet, especially the matchbox cars, and hurt like crazy.

Today is of course Kindy Day. Master "L" happily went off to Kindy this morning, and I have a lot planned. I did the grocery shop this morning, and am ready to get on with the happy, creative part of the day. I am planning to finish a few paintings that have been sitting on the shelf for some time looking at me. It feels like they are half naked, just waiting for me to put some clothes on them and send them on their way. Ooh, they must be cold!

Keep Smiling,

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michelle giacobello said...

I meant to comment on this post last week, but got distracted. I LAUGHED!

Hilarious how life changes your environment, and then the environment ends up changing you......

I'm sure it's all worth it. :)