Friday, 27 July 2007

A First Time Quilter

I have been working on making a quilt for the last week. I cut all the fabric and started sewing it at my sister Leanne's house last Friday. I put the last pieces of the quilt top together yesterday. It was a pretty basic brick pattern for my very first quilt, and I have to say that I found it quite therapeutic at times, and just plain painful at others, I think painting comes much easier for me. All the math involved in quilting hurts my brain as well. At least I can understand the inches and yards thing after living in New York for almost 10 years. It's trying to get so many different shapes out of a fat quarter without wasting too much that confuses me. Lucky I have a quilting sis to answer my annoying questions.

My quilt is quite a large quilt, 68inches x 78inches, I think that's a single bed size. I will get Leanne to put the backing on and quilt it for me on her big quilting machine, and maybe I can persuade her to put the binding on as well. I am kind of over that quilt already. I just want it finished now to keep me warm while I sit on the couch. Here it is just waiting to be quilted...

Now that I have finished the Lotus quilt front, I want to start cutting into my Freshcut fabric. Little Luca has been keeping himself busy playing off and on for a few hours each day, since he has decided he no longer has a daytime sleep, so it gives me some time to do some things I like to do. Thanks little buddy!

He is growing so fast, which means we need to spend more time doing things together because before I know it, he will be off to school. We made brownies this afternoon, just cause it's fun! Daddy will be happy.

Happy weekend,

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