Monday, 2 July 2007

A Finished Painting and Quilt Fair

I finished this painting for the Warringah Art Exhibition on Saturday afternoon after a few hiccups. I decided to varnish it on Saturday morning, but when I brushed the varnish over the green section, the green paint absorbed the varnish so fast that it started to go gluggy and bubble. Anyway, I freaked out a little and decided to repaint the whole green section again with Gel Medium mixed in, to give it a glossy varnished look. It worked and I was very happy at 3pm when I dropped the painting off. Thank goodness that is over. Now it is time for the waiting game - only until tomorrow though, when I will find out if my painting has been selected for the Exhibition. Wish me luck!
The picture below just shows how I painted all of the sides to make it complete, and not have to be framed.

Yesterday I spent the day with my Sister at a Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour. My Sis has asked me a few years in a row to go with her, and this time I did. I was really surprised that I liked it so much. My Sister is REALLY into quilting, and she is just the most excellent at it, so we had a really lovely day together, no kids, no husbands, just us! We ran into our Aunty and Cousin while we were there - what a lovely surprise that was. Nicole Kidman was walking around the show as well. Nothing like mixing with the rich and famous, there weren't even any paparazzi snapping pics of her.
Oh yeah, I did buy a few things at the fair. Just a few fabrics for Luca's new quilt,

and a few Heather Baily Freshcut Fat Quarters to make a quilt from. I must say, the Freshcut fabrics are so much more lovely in real life.

I also bought this pattern to make the fabrics in to this quilt. Yummy!

Now though, after a week of sick flu yuckiness, I must get back up to date with the cleaning and laundry. It is going to be a busy day!

Have fun!


melissa@yummygoods said...

gorgeous quilt!

melissa@yummygoods said...

gorgeous quilt! is that edge ruffled?

:: Monique :: said...

Yes it's a ruffled edge, I am yet to make it though. The pic is from the front of the quilt pattern I bought to make.