Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A Fat Lip Smile

Thank you so much to everyone that called or emailed me over the last week to congratulate me on the Honourable Mention.

I was back to it on Saturday, producing this painting...

...which is for my Sister-in-law. It was meant to be done in June, but I have had so many commission works to do, as well as works for shows, I have only just gotten to it. The commission works are coming along as well ( I will post pics when they are done). I thought this one would be a nice quick change in between the others. I have a little more to do on it though, maybe a layer of transparent brown wash rubbed over to give it more depth. The white is a bit stark for me. It isn't what I would normally paint, but it has been fun. Another large one - 36x36inches.

Today was supposedly a 'Luca at Kindy day', but it turned into him having a really bad cold, staying at home and wanting 100% attention from me. With that, he jumped off my knee and smacked his mouth into the coffee table - blood everywhere. He is ok though, just a split lip, and a cute sore fat lip smile. Oh what a fun, productive day it has been. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow I will get more painting done.

Hump day tomorrow,
Have fun,

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