Thursday, 12 July 2007

A Blue Sky Day

The blue sky is shining and it looks as though it may be warmish outside - oops, my mistake. I opened the balcony doors and in whooshes a chill of brisk cold air. It feels like I need to open all the windows to let the breeze go through, just like in the warmer months. But I will have to wait a while yet, with a snotty kid and a flu-ee husband, maybe we will try to keep it warm in here for a few more months.

The last leaf on my Frangipani tree seems to be stuck on. The other leaves dropped off a month ago, but this one just keeps hanging on.

My Orchids seem to be loving the cold weather and are just about to bloom again.

And my little Money Tree (Jade) is just happy to be alive - after the few months of neglect.

I did manage to get my painting finished yesterday. It is called "Somewhere". I am pleased with the results, and it was fun working with a palette knife and impasto. I like it better than the previous pic that I posted of it. Hopefully Mika likes it too.

So, organisation is the key to today. I want to get things in order. Actually, I don't know if I could ever be truly organised, but I will try. I have a small window of time while Mr L is sleeping today to get a few things done.

I'm off to get stuck into it now...
Have a happy day,

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michelle giacobello said...

love that painting!

The palette knife is a wonderful thing isn't it :)