Friday, 15 June 2007

To enter, or not to enter...

I want to submit an entry in for the Warringah Art Exhibition but have no idea what to put in. I have 15 days until I have to submit something. The gloomy weather really isn't helping with the inspiration thing, and everything I have already painted seems inappropriate - I don't think any of them would be chosen, they are too "out there". The exhibit seems a little more conservative to me. That's my thoughts from viewing previous years shows, and also my previous entries. Some kind of seascape might work, large scale, not too many colours. We'll see. I am off now to try and put something down on canvas. Hopefully it all works out. I AM being optimistic!

Happy day!

1 comment:

michelle giacobello said...

enter, enter, enter!

Nothing to lose..... :)