Friday, 29 June 2007

On the Home Stretch

I have been horizontal for the last 3 days with the flu, talk about knock me out! I came home from taking Luca to Kindy on Tuesday morning with all good intentions to paint for the whole day - and even maybe finish my painting. As I sat and had my cup of tea, I kept feeling more and more exhausted, and ended up laying down for 2 days, I did half a days painting yesterday and the pic up there, is where we are at right now. I have until 4pm Saturday to deliver it to the "gallery". I think it looks promising. Actually, I have no doubt it will be finished. Luca is now asleep, I don't know how long for, so I am now going to FINISH my painting. It's a big painting - 36x36in, it takes a while.

Keep away from anyone with this flu - it's a mean one!
I'm smiling again,

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