Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The birth of a painting...

I started a large painting on the weekend for the Warringah Art Exhibition. I am pretty pleased with what I have come up with. I get a whole day to paint without interruption today with Luca being at Kindy. I dropped him off (my car had to go for a service, so we were out bright and early) and have been painting for a few hours already.

This photo is from the weekend when I had only just done a sketch of what I am doing on the canvas. You can see the pic stuck to the top left corner of the canvas, that's what I am painting, in my own style of course. I have previously blogged this building here. I think it just has an awesome feel about it, and is one of the last unrenovated beach front apartment buildings in the Warringah area. Hopefully my painting will look something like the pic below.

Back to painting now. I have a lot to do and only a few hours left to do it.
Have a lovely day,

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