Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Working Again.

With one New York painting completed, another 2 well underway, and also a few more sketched and ready to go, it strikes me that I’m into another series. These works are a departure from any previous works I have done but still have the 'Monique' feel about them. I’ll have to think of a title for the new series. Things are buzzing around in my head - but nothing that clicks just yet. The intention behind this grouping is quite different, the execution is a different process from anything else, and the end product looks different as well. They are textured, and more free.

I should get one finished today with any luck. It’s a nice feeling, to be working quickly and feeling so inspired and satisfied with the results. Yep, it's Kindy day! I'm free, I'm free...

Have fun!

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