Friday, 25 May 2007

My Dad the Photographer

I asked my Dad on the weekend if I can borrow his photo slides that he has taken over the years, especially from when I was a little kid. He has this amazing old brown leather photo suitcase that he has had for longer than I have been alive. It is so full of photos that I have never seen.

I started looking through them this morning and came across so many of my sister and I. The photos are better than a lot of the ones that have been printed over the years. The colours are amazing, and the picture is really sharp. I was really surprised, it is like discovering lost treasure. I am very excited to explore some more.

I think this is of me playing with trucks and my beautiful mum.

This is me and my uncle in my usual state, with food all over my face.

This is my older sister and I looking at the horse.

I can't wait to get some developed. I love looking at old photos. When Luca gets older, he will have a billion and one pics that we have taken. Thank goodness for digital.

Happy snapping!


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