Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I like fabric - who me?

Good morning. I had an awful night of getting up every 2 hours or so to Luca who has a really yucky cold. He is going to Kindy today for a few hours so I can get a ton of things done. Everyone else sends their kids to Kindy with runny noses, so I thought I would too. It would be virtually impossible to get anything done if I didn't. I have decided to give him a short day though. Hopefully he will be fine.

I really want to go to the fabric (yes, that's right...fabric) stores that I have been trying to get to for the last few weeks. I know, fabric is my sisters thing, what is wrong with me??? I have no idea, I have almost become obsessed with looking at beautiful fabrics on peoples blogs. I even went so far as to buy some online from the U.S. A lovely bundle of Amy Butler fabrics came to me a few weeks ago, and when I opened the package I was unbelievably excited. I have been too frightened to cut any of it though.

Project One

Project Two

Project Three

Aren't the fabrics lovely? I would have to say that I am not really a sewer. The most sewing I have done is some roman blinds and a few cushions about 4 years ago. It doesn't help that my sewing machine has been in storage since we moved back to Australia in 2003 (along with half of our furniture).

Anyway, that is why I am going to the fabric stores today. I need a smaller project to start with, so I thought I would make some kind of stuffed animal or something like that. I am into felt at the moment too, so we will see what they have, and then decide while I am there what I will get.

I also want some of the new fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's new Chocolate Lollipop range. I could probably do a lot with a bundle of fat quarters. I will have to get online tonight and order some from the U.S. They are much cheaper, especially with the Aussie $$ the way it is at the moment. Really good exchange rate.

I also plan to do some painting today, on what... I don't know, maybe one of the 5 or 6 unfinished pieces. I like to keep a few going at the same time. Depending on the day, I may want to work on my large scale paintings, or small kids paintings. I can never tell until I wake up that day. OK, I must do some more work on my NY series. There you go... decision made.

Ooh, I have a busy day ahead. I hope yours is productive too.

Keep smiling and don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

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