Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Delightful Daisies

Colours and shapes and all the lovely things in between. I really enjoy painting kids pictures, they are fun and exciting. These two were done a while ago but have only just found themselves homes. Neopolitan was inspired by another artists painting that I saw a while ago. I forget who, the colours where completely different, but the idea is the same.

:: Spring Daisies ::

:: Neopolitan ::

:: In The Garden ::

I think doing girly paintings is a bit more fun for me. Being around boy things all the time becomes a little boring. I like the variation between the two. I have so many half done paintings at the moment. I like to move quickly between them, but I also like when something is finally finished. But because I have so many ideas, I like to at least draw it on the canvas before I forget it.

There are lots of canvases all stacked up very high in my studio. Sometimes I come across one that I have forgotten that I have even done. Then, I get this urge to rearrange the paintings on the walls in my house and put up some new ones and give others a rest for a while. It keeps it interesting for me, and it keeps me motivated to do more.

I am off to do some more painting now if the little fella will let me.

Happy hump day!


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Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for your message - I'm off to look around your blog.