Monday, 23 April 2007

R I P Dennis XOXO

Our poor little goldfish Dennis died from natural causes (and a fungal infection) on Saturday. He got the almighty flush out to sea with his good friends Fluffy, Goldie, Whitey, Spike and a couple of others I can't remember from past years. We had a very sad little Luca who wanted nothing more than for Dennis to be back in his fish tank swimming around like crazy. A few tears were shed and we decided that we will go and get a replacement this week some time when Luca's Aunty Gabby comes to stay.

So it hasn't really stopped raining since last night and my plants are loving it. I thought I would take a few pics because the light was really nice this morning. I cropped them down and out came this lovely pic...

Pretty cool hey!

Anyhoo... on with the painting while Luca is sleeping. Oh yeah, this place is a mess after Hurricane Luca on the weekend, best do some tidying first.

Have a lovely day.


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