Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I *heart* NYC!

New ideas, yes, I have a million of them. I wouldn't want to give away too many secrets though.

While Luca is at Kindy, I have the day to get some painting done. I am currently working on some New York paintings that have been in the works for quite some time now. They are close ups of building facades. They are pretty abstract but have more detail in them than I usually do in a larger style painting. I have been really busy with commissions lately which is really good, everyone wants me to paint something different so it is giving me a great range to show.

I found this quote just after we moved back from New York. I can't remember for the life of me where it came from, but I love it:

"New York City, a place where, strangely, I feel at ease... in harmony.
So many cultures are mixed together in this city, so many strangers cohabit here, that no matter how much of a stranger you may be - and even precisely because you are a stranger - you become a new Yorker as well. You merge with the movement, a mixture that is always boiling beneath a surface that has already set. What I love about Manhattan is that behind it's well-ordered exteriors it is in reality a crazy city, full of skyscrapers that are excessive but never ridiculous; it is a city of total coherence and yet infinitely free, varied, luxurious.
And then there is the light that comes off the sea, the reflections that come and go on the long facades of glass and mirror. This proximity to the ocean blows away the pollution and gives the air of New York a kind of transparent luminosity, unique, a purity rare for a megalopolis of this scale.
Finally, I have had the opportunity to live and breathe New York City and have gained from it. Each time, I discover new beauty nestled in the heights, highly worked roofs and complex feats of architecture of which New Yorkers themselves are unaware. I have taken advantage of the city in the avowed ambition to reveal to others the face of New York, to distort the city until they can no longer recognise it, so that they in turn may rediscover it."

I will try to find who the quote was written by and add it in later. I think it pretty much sums up the NY paintings that I am doing at the moment. FYI - I *heart* NYC.

I am also just about to start a Palms series (when I need a rest from New York). I have done a few sketches and maybe I will sell a few here and there. They have a beachy feel, and I am going to use soft washed out colours, layer over layer, with some colours peeking through. If they work out really good, I will probably submit my best one to the Mosman Art Show and Warringah Art Exhibition in a few months time.

So, now I am off to paint some more...
Keep smiling...

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